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Current Projects & News

Building in Wellington's busiest district


Woodward street artist impression

Construction at Woodward Street has been progressing well over the past few months, with the most of the exterior works completed. Building in the heart of Wellingtons CBD was always going to present its fair share of challenges. The only road access to the site is off Lambton Quay, a major retail area with the highest count of foot traffic in Wellington. 

Given the central city location of the build, this project presented several challenges:

  • Limited access on a narrow laneway
  • Building in a high traffic area
  • Logistical challenges
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to commuters and surrounding businesses

Within a 100m radius, there are approximately 6,000 office workers, which puts an extra focus on health and safety for not only site works but also on the public. A robust environmental health and safety plan was put in place pre-construction and is monitored closely throughout. A detailed traffic management plan was also required to ensure smooth logistics to and from site. 

We have navigated through all of the challenges of this project to date, and are on track to hand over a successful project.

Keep an eye on our projects section for the finished project!

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